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About P/A

About P/A

About Us

Unrivaled experience across our team.

Our Promise

Pension Assurance began as a good idea, rooted in a few core beliefs.

We get it — you’ve got a full-time job beyond your 401 (k) audit. We’re committed to bringing you a streamlined audit experience that’s virtually stress-free.

Here’s how we do it

  • We’re Never Your Adversary
    Some auditors take a prosecutorial approach with their clients and react punitively when there are findings. Our auditors serve an advisory role when there are findings, helping plan sponsors to improve their plans and sidestep trouble with regulators.

  • Smile-Inducing Service
    We’re a professional services firm, and we aim to deliver an audit experience that will leave you happy. We even have a practice-building team that’s solely dedicated to improving the client experience!

  • A Can-Do, Fix-It Attitude
    Fortunately, nearly everything that can go wrong in a 401 (k) plan is fixable, and we know the way.
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