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Pension Assurance
does one thing – we audit employee benefit plans (EBPs). We currently audit approximately 600 plans annually, making us one of the largest EBP practices not associated with a major regional, national, or “Big 4” CPA firm in the country.


We created Pension Assurance as a response to clients’ biggest concerns about their EBP audits:

  • that a new, inexperienced, staff auditor performs most of the audit;
  • that the audit work is often delayed due to the firm’s other priorities, resulting in stressful, last-minute filings;
  • that the process is inefficient, disruptive, and time consuming with extensive, and often redundant, requests.

Pension Assurance’s approach to EBP audits was designed to resolve these concerns:

  • We typically hire experienced professionals with at least two years of public accounting experience. Audits are always staffed by experienced and dedicated specialists who understand not only basic accounting and auditing but also the technical nuances of retirement plans.
  • We are a year-round practice with one service line–EBP. We don’t have other sources of revenue that create competing priorities and incentivize delays in your plan audit timeline.
  • Our audit process is streamlined and efficient. How? First, we do this all the time and you naturally become more efficient and effective at something you know inside and out. Second, we have developed a proprietary audit program that is risk-based and efficient—focused on delivering a quality audit but without excessive disruption to the other work clients have on their plates.


A Client Service Oriented Firm

Client service is a priority at Pension Assurance. Auditors must remain independent and plan audits are required by regulation but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned about the client’s experience. We provide friendly, attentive, and courteous client service. While maintaining the required independence and objectivity, we’re polite and try to do our work with a smile.

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