Value Proposition

Our professional service model at Pension Assurance LLP is built on a very simple formula for delivering client value.

Expertise x Client Service x Fee Competitiveness = Client Value

Based on this model, the value that Pension Assurance delivers is truly unrivaled.


The general relationship between fees and expertise is what you would expect – the greater the expertise the greater the fee.

Pension Assurance defies this logic by providing a very high level of expertise and specialization while also offering average to below-average fees to clients. How do we do this? Our singular focus enables us to realize substantial efficiencies in performing retirement plan audits. We have a well-planned audit approach and have great familiarity with both the specific issues that impact retirement plans and the various reports and audit packages provided by service providers in the industry.

Client Service

We see client service as very basic to any professional service. The essential ways that we deliver client service:

– Providing a dedicated team of experts on every engagement
– Responsiveness to clients
– Efficiency of the audit and respect for our clients’ valuable time
– Providing a smooth and seamless audit process
– Timeliness of filings and deliverables
– Being available for client inquiries even after the audit is over

Our retirement plan audit clients are our first and only focus. They receive our first and very best efforts. And we leave our clients very satisfied with our service – many have stayed with us for a very long time. Take a look at our testimonials to see how clients view our service.

Fee Competitiveness

Do we offer the lowest fees? Usually, but not always. Our fee offerings are certainly average to below average. No one can come close to providing the level of service and expertise we do at our level of fees.

It’s simple math. A high level of expertise multiplied by a high level of client service and a high level of fee competitiveness equals a very high level of value delivered to our clients.

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